Groupwork and Workshops

From the summer of 2017, HumanKind will be offering a series of courses and workshops open to the public, exploring our shared human experience, Watch this space for dates and links.

Mindfulness Meditation Sessions
All Welcome


An opportunity to find some stillness in the winter months

2 - 4pm Sunday 9th December 2018, 20th January & 10th February 2019.

£5 per session

Training Room , Calon Y Fferi, Carmarthen Rd, Ferryside SA17 5TE

To book please email us at humankindwales@posteo.net or ring Karen on 07779110515

Sessions will include an introduction to mindfulness meditation and an opportunity to do some practice, as well as conversations about how we can use it in our daily lives.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us (1). Mindfulness meditation is a practice that helps us increase this ability. If you would like to know more have a look at the following websites:



(1) www.mindful.org/meditation/mindfulness-getting-started

Our last workshop: Coming Home Friday 16th  June . Click here for more information

Group Therapy


For some people group therapy can be a good alternative to one-to-one work. As well as being cheaper, people gain enormously from having the support of the group and realising on a profound level that they are not in alone in their suffering.


If there is enough interest, HumanKind will offer the Courage to Be group. This is a closed therapy group, which will run for eight weeks at a time, with the possibility of people attending more than one course.


The Courage to Be for people who struggle to feel OK about themselves and worry that they are not good enough. You may feel judged by other people or less worthy than others, or may find you are often comparing yourself unfavourably to others. The group will be a safe space in which to explore who you are and the things that get in the way of you feeling comfortable in your own skin. The group will offer the opportunity for different sorts of exploration, including:  talking, watching films, using creative media and being quiet. We do ask that students commit to attending the group regularly as this helps the group to gel and the members to feel more confident to share together.


Some of us find the thought of meeting up in a group daunting; however, it does give us the opportunity to have the support of others who feel similar and this can be really affirming. So if the words above describe you but you feel anxious about joining a group, then we suggest you still apply to join as there may be a way Jenny and Karen can help you to get along for the first few weeks. In their experience, after the first couple of sessions students are already starting to feel a little more comfortable and really value the shared experience.


If you are interested, please Contact Us

Venue and dates to be decided.


Mindfulness meditation

HumanKind can offer one off workshops or courses in mindfulness-based skills. Contact Us if you are interested .